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Chantal Biya cycling competion: Organising team says all is set

The Cameroon Cycling Federation says all is set for the 17th edition of the Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour scheduled to run from 11th to 15th October 2017.

Speaking to pressmen this 16th August 2017, the President of the Cameroon Cycling Federation, Honore Yossi indicated that ten teams from Europe and Africa will take part in the competition.

The major innovations at this year’s rendezvous include:

– The change of the take-off and end point from the May 20 Boulevard to the esplande of the Yaounde Omnisport Stadium.

– The change of the first lap to the Yaounde – Ayos, 125 km distance.

The itinerary of the competition however remains unchanged:

– Second lap: Yaounde – Ebolowa, 155.3km

– Third lap: Zoetele – Meyomessala, 134km

– Fourth lap: Sangmelima – Yaounde, 165km

The Chief of the Project, François Njele also explained that the International Cycling Union has assigned Jean Pierre Coppenolle as the Commissioner of this year’s cycling competition.

Cameroonians remain positive that the country, represented by two teams will register an outstanding performance if only to bring back memories of 2013 when the country won the yellow jersey.

It is worth recalling that the Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour is a professional road bicycle race named in honour of Chantal Biya, the First Lady of Cameroon.

Par Patrick Hangue

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