Athletics World Championships: Frenchman Kevin Mayer crowned world champion in decathlon

The Frenchman Kevin Mayer won the title of decathlon world champion in London on Saturday. It is the second French gold medal on this competition, after the coronation of Pierre-Ambroise Bosse on 800m.

The Frenchman Kevin Mayer (25 years) was crowned world champion of the decathlon In London, he won with 8768 points ahead of Rico Freimuth of Germany (2nd, 8564 points) and Kai Kazmirek (3rd, 8488 points).

Mayer won the first world title of his career and gave the French delegation a second gold medal in the world championships, after the coronation of Pierre-Ambroise Bosse (25 years old) on 800m.


By: Patrick Hangue

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