AFCON 2019: Ahmad Ahmad retracts after insulting Cameroon

After his baseless claim against Cameroon, the President of CAF, Ahmad Ahmad gave another interview in which he discussed the 2019 AFCON to be organised in Cameroon.

He said “we shall mobilise to ensure a successful competition in Cameroon, inspite of accusations against me by those persons close to Issa Hayatou » .

Commenting on the apparent conflict between him and Issa Hayatou his predecessor, he affirmed that it is not of his nature to seek revenge.

The CAF boss however reaffirmed that he will not compromise with any country or Executive that will not respect the prescriptions of the Confederation of African Football.

He added that a group of experts deployed by CAF will be on an eight day mission in Cameroon as from Sunday 20th August 2019 to evaluate progress at the sites and facilities to be used during the competition.

These relatively conciliatory tone from the CAF President after the uproar he provoked, has kept many wondering.

Many believe Ahmad Ahman has retracted for two possible reasons.

-First, the Cameroon’s sudden engagement to meet the deadline, including President Paul Biya’s declaration that Cameroon will be ready to host the competition.

-Second, the avalanche of criticisms from friends and foes.

Many described his comments as baseless and discrimatory.

Whatever the case, the President of CAF seems to have realised the gravity of his comments in the interview with the Burkina Faso press.

Patrick Hangue

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