The Cameroon American Football Association trained fitness trainers

The physical training period held from 11 to 17 July 2017 at the American School of Yaoundé, located at the Emia crossroads, under the supervision of Dr Emmanuel Matiafa Tantoh, graduate in training and performance, specialist in physical preparation and related sports and approved by the CAFA, was rich in information.

The physical preparation training sessions were divided into 5 days (11-15 July 2017 from 11 am to 2 pm).

During the training, there were exchanges on

Basic notions in physical preparation, the creation of physical exercises in American football and sports in general, Physical preparation for specific positions in American football and other sports (speed, endurance, explosiveness), the creation of physical exercises which are general and specific to American football, Identification of functional and development qualities

This course was full of several advantages including:

Obtaining a diploma as a physical trainer, the possibility of a thorough internship at national and international level, the faculty to make the American football player more professional in practice.

Participation in this training did not require any diploma and experience, it was open to all adults over 18 years of age, however it was necessary to disburse the sum of 100 000 CFA francs.

By: Patrick Hangue

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