2017 Afro basket woman: The Cameroon loses in friendly, in front of the Ivory Coast

The Cameroon team, after losing on Wednesday (August 9th) against Cote d’Ivoire in the first leg, realized what it was necessary to do to win the return match of Thursday 10th August 2017, only the Elephants have also redoubled their efforts to win this friendly duel again.

Score by Quarter:

-1st QT : Cote d’Ivoire 10 vs Cameroon 10

– 2nd QT : Cote d’Ivoire 26 vs Cameroon 19

– 3rd QT : Cote d’Ivoire 43 vs Cameroon 31

– 4th QT: Cote d’Ivoire 56 vs Cameroon 53


By: Patrick Hangue

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