2019-Cameroon AFCON: Issa Hayatou answers Ahmad!

After the Cameroonian Federation, former CAF president, Cameroonian Issa Hayatou, came out of his reserve to answer his successor, Ahmad Ahmad, who believes that his country is not currently in a position to host 2019 AFCON.

« Even with four teams, Cameroon is not ready. » Speaking a few words about the host country of AFCON 2019, CAF President Ahmad Ahmad set off a storm. After the Cameroonian Federation, former CAF President, Cameroonian Issa Hayatou, also responded to his successor.

« Since I left the CAF, I have refrained from issuing an opinion, I never opened my mouth to talk about it, but I regret what has been said. To take out what he has released, « said the executive. » Cameroon already has five stadiums, we are not talking about the ones we are building. Five stages, they are there, physical. « No one can say that Cameroon has nothing, it is not possible. »

FIFA’s former acting President also commented on the rumor that he had withdrawn the U17 AFCON in Madagascar to take revenge on Ahmad before the CAF elections.

« One cannot say that the CAF will take away this 2019 AFCON, when the CAF had to withdraw the AFCON from the States, it is because they were the ones who did nothing. In Madagascar, it was in January for a competition scheduled for May, so four months before, missions had visited Madagascar and all these missions were of the opinion that it was necessary to withdraw the Cameroon, there has been no inspection yet, and people say that we do not have anything. (Ahmad, ed.) Is not obliged to do what I did for 29 years, but he is at least obliged to stay close to the logic and the law . « 


Par: Patrick Hangue

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